Takahuone.fi presents, Finland Calling – If you don’t like Kari Peitsamo you must have a heart of stone

One of the most productive musician of Finland Kari Peitsamo is a second artist from Finland that I want to introduce to the world. Kari deserves to be introduced. I have loved his music for years. His lyrics are so clever and funny that you just can’t do anything else but smile when you listen to his music. And there is a lot of recorded music from Kari Peitsamo. He has been around since 1970s in the Finnish music scene. He has recorded songs mostly in Finnish but also in Swedish and English and who knows what other languages. Shall we watch a video in which Kari tells a little about himself. Then he sings us absolutely hilarious song Ice hockey for You?

Kari Peitsamo is such an interesting man. He is constantly touring around Finland but at the same time he has studied to be a priest. If I would choose to confess (I should do that) my sins to priest that would be Kari Peitsamo because he knows sinners and saints so he knows what he is talking about. This is a song for all the little lonely boys out there, Porno with whiskey.

Kari has also been involved in politics. He has run for Finnish Parliament as a candidate of  Communist Party of Finland. We all know that The Beatles had a song called Back in the U.S.S.R. Kari has a song called Back in the DDR.  I believe John Lennon would have liked it.

Kari has performed as a solo artist but also with many different his bands. They all are good. One of my most favourite new song is from his new band Devil’s Milk. With Kari in the band there are two Finnish rock legends. The best Finnish rock drummer ever Twist Twist Erkinharju and his partner in crime, bass player Tzöötz Kettula. They just recently released an album. This next song is one of the pearls from the album. Name of the song is Johnny Ego.

As I told you, Kari Peitsamo has a recorded a lot of music. You can find it from Youtube or Spotify and of course you can shop this great piece of music history from music stores in internet (try levykauppaax.fi).

Before I let you do your own researche I want to introduce to you his most known song. It is called Kauppaopiston naiset (Ladies of Commercial school) It is in Finnish but you all know how to speak it, right?

Text: Mikko Korvenkari

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