Takahuone.fi presents, Finland Calling – The one and only Hurriganes

The cover photo of the Roadrunner album is iconic in Finland. Photographer: Risto Vuorimies

When it comes to the true and unique rock and roll music Hurriganes is the band that everyone should know from Finland.
Forget all those “the best rock bands lists” that has been made during the years. If Hurriganes is not at the top of those lists, then people who made those lists don’t know enough about rock music. It is simple as that. Hurriganes was a top-notch rock band.
Their golden years were at the 1970’s. The band was lead by a singer and a drummer Henry ”Remu” Aaltonen, a charismatic original bad boy from the streets of Helsinki. Remu was (and still is) a street smart dude who knew what the true rock and roll was about. When he get together with bass player Cisse Häkkinen and guitar player god Albert Järvinen – the classic line up of Hurriganes was born.  Some people might wonder why the band was named “Hurriganes” with a letter “g”? Well, the band said that there is just more “feeling of Texas”, than if they would have used the name “Hurricanes”. The greatest moment of the career of Hurriganes was an album called “Roadrunner”. It was released in 1974. The record is considered as the best rock album ever from the Finnish band. It contains many amazing songs. My own favourite track from the album is “It Ain’t What You Do”. It is first Hurriganes song that I want to share with you guys, so here we go.

English language was not a cup of tea for Remu but that didn’t stop him to sing something that is called Remu-English. He just renovated English a little bit and whole new language was born. Here he is singing the song “Get On”. It is the most well-known song of Hurriganes. The song won the International European Pop Jury competition in 1974.

The bass player of Hurriganes, Hugo Christer “Cisse” Häkkinen had such a great “happy rock and roll” attitude that he made everybody smile. His style was also always sharp with his tiger and jean jackets and with his backswept hair. His bass was also rolling like a train, and he could sing. “I Will Stay” was one of his prime moments as a singer.

Pekka “Albert” Järvinen was a guitar player who was praised by the fans but also by the fellow musicians too. For example, Elvis Costello wanted him to his band and Albert recorded a song with Lemmy Kilmister from Motörhead. But Albert was not the only one great guitar player of Hurriganes – IlkkaIle” Kallio was the other one. He played guitar in many Hurriganes records. I think that he was at his best in “Hot Wheels” album that was released in 1976. It was an album that was a like synonym for term called “Carage rock”. Especially the title song is just so perfect rock and roll music. Check this out guys! Ile and Hurriganes is on fire!

If you may wish to start trip with the music of Hurriganes I recommend you to get yourself physical copy of “Roadrunner” record. You may purchase it from the Recordshop X. Because of some contract related disputes you can not find it at the Spotify. You should start first with Roadrunner, then I suggest that you listen “Hot Wheels” album. And finally, you should check out an album called “10/80”. That is another great one with Albert Järvinen on guitar. This song “Bourbon Street” is from “10/80” that was released in 1980.

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Writer: Mikko Korvenkari