Transworld Identity are ready for the world stage: – ”We want that everyone on the planet will hear our music”

Rachael Lahtinen, a woman from Sheffield, United Kingdom, moved to Finland 16 years ago when she fell in love with the drummer of legendary Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks, Lacu Lahtinen. Lacu is, at the moment, the drummer of Popeda, a band that is the corner stone of Finnish rock music.
Rachael Lahtinen and Lacu met when Hanoi Rocks were touring in England and a lightning of love hit them hard. So hard, that now she lives with Lacu and their children in the countryside of Tampere, where they have a house in a very quiet area.
And what do you do when you can sing like an angel and when your husband is one of the best rock drummers in Finland?
Well, it is obvious that you start a band. Finland is a land of many great bands but there is always room for a new good one. Rachael and Lacu formed a band called Transworld Identity.
They have now released three singles and every one of the songs are great stuff. Like the latest single Part Maroon, Part Indigo. I decided to contact the band and ask for an interview. So, here she is telling me about the goals of the band and her new life in Finland.
– I fell in love with Finland immediately when I first came here. I was like, how everybody can be so nice and friendly. It’s so safe in here too. In Finland you don’t have to look over your shoulder that who is walking behind you and check if your wallet is still in your pocket, says Rachael Lahtinen.

 ”In my past I used to sing in a small musical theatre production. I love performing live”

As a singer of a band she uses the artist name Mila Bosa. She is an amazing singer. Her voice is the perfect fit for melodic heavy metal or hard rock music that Transworld Identity is doing.
– In my past I used to sing in a small musical theatre production. I love performing live. I really enjoy being on the stage. I am so happy about this band. I think we have great thing going on. We do some 80’s kind of stuff with classic rock vibes. I think that our songs are great so far. I hope that everyone can hear us in the future.
They have released three songs: Part Maroon, Part Indigo, I’m Such a Liar and Invisible.
There are no limits to what Transworld Identity wants to achieve.
– I am not a kind of person who likes to take baby steps. We want that everyone on the planet will hear about us in the next five years. We’ve got everything that it takes. I know it is extremely hard to make a break but we will do it.
Her kick ass attitude maybe comes from her background. She has worked previously in a world where you just have to be very confident: Formula One.
– I used to travel around and follow the Formula One circus. I had this merchandise business. We got for example autographs from the drivers to different kind of items. Then we sold them, she tells.
– After my travel years in Formula One, I feel restless. I want to travel around and play music.

”There is no point doing this if you don’t have nothing to aim at”

Finland is famous for its formula drivers like Kimi Räikkönen and Mika Häkkinen. But also, Finland is known for great metal bands like Nightwish or Amorphis.
– There are many really good Finnish bands and they have done well all around the world. I hope that it will help our way in the future.
– There is no point doing this if you don’t have nothing to aim at. We want to play all around the world, and we want that everyone on planet will hear our music.

Text: Mikko Korvenkari

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