Michael Monroe, The Dogs D’ Amour, Electric Eel Shock

Michael Monroe on stage at 02 Academy Islington.

It was an exciting rock night on Wednesday when the European tour of ex-Hanoi Rocks singer Michael Monroe came to London. He has new record One Man Gang out and he is doing several gigs in United Kingdom. He started the tour in London where he has loyal fan base. 02 Islington Academy was pretty much packed by Monroe-fans.

Michael Monroe lived in London in 1980’s with Hanoi Rocks. British rock fans fell in love with Hanoi Rocks and Monroe is still loved in London. You could see that people were enthusiastic when Michael Monroe played songs from the new record, other songs from his long solo career and some Hanoi Rocks songs too. Hanoi-songs sounded pretty damn good too. There are some great musicians in his band: Partner in crime Sami Yaffa on bass guitar, Steve Conte and Rich Jones on guitar and a solid drummer Karl Rockfist. Michael himself was full of energy as he is always.

Electric Eel Shock from Japan was first one to hit the stage. They play rock music mixed with 1980’s heavy metal. Their show was sympathetic. You could see that they are excited by possibility to open up for their hero Michael Monroe, so they sure gave everything they got. This was the first time for me when I saw their gig. It left me with positive impression.

Next on the stage was Tyla and his gang The Dogs D’Amour. I have to admit that I have never followed the band so much, but in the future I will. Now I understand why Tyla has been around so long. He is an excellent singer and The Dogs D’ Amour has many good songs. I had to check out from the internet today who was their lead guitar player. I liked his playing. I found out that his name is Gary Pennick. Good job and overall really nice gigs from all the bands. I enjoyed my time with rock and roll music.

Text: Mikko Korvenkari

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