Open letter to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Dear Nomination Committee of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame,

Thank you for keeping the flame of rock and roll alive. I am writing this open letter to you because I think that two bands from Finland Hanoi Rocks and Hurriganes should be inducted to Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I hope you consider them as a candidates for an induction in the future.
Both of those bands were the purest rock bands that you can find. Just ask from the members of Guns N’ Roses how they regarded Hanoi Rocks as their influence. Hanoi Rocks completely changed the music scene in Los Angeles and in London in the first part of 1980’s with their high spirit rock music. Hurriganes simply was an authentic rock and roll band. Everyone who thinks that he or she knows something about rock and roll should know who is Remu Aaltonen. You can not be more rock and roll than Hurriganes drummer and singer Remu was during the prime years of Hurriganes in 1970’s.
I think that Rock and Roll Hall of Fame should be more open-minded to the bands and artists outside of the USA and United Kingdom. Those two are not the only countries that have produced a great rock music.  I hope that you consider my suggestion and that you watch from the videos below what I am talking about.

Yours sincerely,

Mikko Korvenkari



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