Guitar player of Lordi releases single Stone and Stars: – ”This solo thing is something I have wanted to do for years”

Amen-Ra, who is a guitar player for Finnish hard rock and melodic heavy metal band Lordi has released a solo single Stone and Stars.
– This solo thing is something I have wanted to do for years. For some reason I have not made it earlier. I have had Stone and Stars for something like 15 years just waiting to be used, Amen-Ra said in press launch.
He told that he got his inspiration for doing solo single when he was doing guitar clinics. From the end of the October he will do guitar clinics again in Europe.
– I thought I could offer some extra for the people and I started to do this project.
New song is published under the name Amen-Ra’s Dynasty.
– This is my first solo material that is published but definitely not the last one. Amen-Ra’s Dynasty is here to stay.
He has been busy also with Lordi. New album of monsters – Killection – will hit the streets 31st of January 2020.

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