Takahuone.fi presents, Finland Calling – Real deal bad boy Marko Hirsma fronted great rock band Backsliders

Backsliders was a great rock band from Finland. Marko Hirsma is lowest one in the picture.

Welcome to read about some interesting bands, artists and musicians who comes from Finland. Many of them are like secret diamonds in the music history. You may have heard about Finnish bands like Hanoi Rocks, HIM, Nightwish, Children Of Bodom, pop star Alma, Darude and Bomfunk MC’s and Eurovision song contest winner Lordi but there is and has been plenty of more good music stuff in the land of Santa Claus. Takahuone.fi (Backstage.fi) will introduce them to you.

First, I want to tell you about one of the most underrated rock band ever from Finland, Backsliders. The biker band that was fronted by a Finnish biker legend Marko Hirsma. He was in the middle of the action when an international motorcycle gangs landed to Finland in the late 1990s. But things didn’t end up well. Marko Hirsma was fatally shot by his ex-gang members in 2001 in Helsinki. It was a huge loss for Finnish rock ‘n’ roll because Hirsma was a true rocker and his band Backsliders played simply bad ass rock music. Just before he died he managed to select the songs to Backsliders best of album Full Speed 1985-1994. The album includes their best songs like their most well-known song National Nightmare. The music video of the song is pretty good example what Backsliders was all about.

From 1985 to 1994 Backsliders recorded five studio albums. There is some great stuff in those records. When you listen to their music you can almost feel Harley Davidson growling under you when you drive to sunset. A song called Headin for Mexico is like Finnish biker music anthem.
Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf is of course THE biker song, but check it out how Backsliders did it.

So, I told you that Marko Hirsma was a bad boy and a gang member. He did some time in jail and was not innocent in his actions. That hardcore attitude was in his music too. One of the best mean songs by Backsliders is I Blow My Head Away.

One interesting moment of Backsliders recording career was collaboration with Finnish guitar hero Albert Järvinen. Albert was known as a guitar player for Hurriganes and is defined as the best ever rock guitarist in Finland. When he teamed up with Backsliders guys in 1990 and formed a band called Flashbacksliders it was a success in Finland. They played gigs and recorded album Let’s Go Rocking Tonight.
This is originally Hurriganes song that they play here.

Now dear reader, do yourself a favour and pour yourself a drink. Marko Hirsma will sing you AC/DC classic song Ride On live in Finland.

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Music Greetings,

Mikko Korvenkari

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